The Bible has always been, and will remain the first and foremost source of information about the future (and about all serious matters in general). Primarily, of course, the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel, but not only, since forecasts about the fate of this world can be found in many books of the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. “Do read those books and ask the Holy Spirit for the light, and you shall understand what’s written in those Holy books”. There is no doubt that everything forecast there will be fulfilled in its own time: “all scriptures must be fulfilled to the end”. There’s an issue though, that it’s often difficult to properly interpret given allegories and symbols. Great help can be found reading studies of Church Fathers, Doctors of the Church and other divinely inspired authors, however being written long time ago they won’t be of much help explaining things of the present day.

In contrast, modern prophets (seeing and hearing), whose estimated number is 3 thousand currently present all across the world, as well as those who passed away in the last century, describe everything in a lot more precise way with more details, oftentimes surprising and incredible ones. The only thing they lack, however, is the order of events, which we tried to complete, systematizing prophecies by their subject and their alleged chronological order. The main measure used to confirm their credibility is their accordance with the Bible and teachings of the true Church (not necessarily compatible with the opinions of some of the priests, or even hierarchs, especially corrupt ones).